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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Event Preview: Perfect Pussy/LUBE @ The Che Tues 3/18

Perfect Pussy/Lub play the Che Cafe in San Diego Tuesday 3/18/14

Soda Bar Presents:
PERFECT PUSSY (Captured Tracks)
@: Ché Café Collective La Jolla, CA.


  If ever there is a Tuesday to head out to the Che Cafe it is the Tuesday after sxsw, as various bands make their way to the West Coast to prolong their SXSW centered touring schedule.  If you have missed the anointment of Perfect Pussy by Pitchfork as the next big thing OR their subsequent signing to Captured Tracks (which I saw on Instagram) then perhaps you might want to check out their forthcoming LP, streaming now at NPR.

 Personally I haven't been to the Che since like....2009? But I'm going for this show.

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