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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Jubilee (1978) d. Derek Jarman

Amyl Nitrate in Jubilee by Derek Jarman

Movie Review
Jubilee (1978)
d. Derek Jarman
Criterion Collection #191

Jubilee is one of those movie you say you've seen and like but actually haven't seen and don't like it if you've seen it, because it is pretty darn unwatchable.  Shot during the first flush of the British Punk movement, Jubilee is the first (and maybe only?) serious film that emerged from that initial burst of punk enthusiasm.

 Jarman's view of punk is that of someone whose participation in the avant garde pre dates the arrival of punk itself.  Punk was something that happened after Jarman had begun making experimental Super 8 films is a manner that was presumably inspired by Andy Warhol.  The movie makes about punk shows a variety of influences from outside the punk movement.  A club scene is soundtracked with an avant disco cut, and the structure of the film clearly resembles the questing young female protagonist narrator in I Am Curious: Yellow and Blue.

  Much of Jubilee consists of one of the main female narrators declaiming socialist/anarchist rhetoric.  Ultimately it's the visuals that make Jubilee enduring.

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