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Monday, February 24, 2014

I Am Curious - Yellow (1967) d. Vilgot Sjöman

Lena Nyman star of I Am Curious - Yellow (1967)

Movie Review
I Am Curious - Yellow (1967)
d. Vilgot Sjöman
Criterion Collection #180

  More a history lesson than anything else in 2013, I Am Curious - Yellow was the first film to show people fucking outside of porno theaters. It was famously bought by the owner of Grove Publishing (publisher of Henry Miller, William Burroughs, and the Evergreen Review) after he flew to Stockholm to see the film during the initial run in Sweden.  The tone of I Am Curious can roughly be described as "mid period Godard" i.e. still telling a story, but inter-cutting the narrative with cutaways to the filim crew making the film.

 If you go back and read contemporary reviews by mainline quality film critics like Rogert Ebert and Vincent Canby, you can sense a level of frustration with the financial/mainstream success of what is, admittedly, a terribly pretentious and dull narrative.  Watching I Am Curious - Yellow I'm reminded me of the joke about guys who watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on television must not have heard about the situation with internet pornography.  Of course, in 1967 many people hadn't actually seen pornography.

 Fair warning: Slllooowwwww opening.  slow.  and a LOT of socialist politics.  I Am Curious is more politics than sex.  The politics are almost more radical than the sex.

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