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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Black Moon (1975) d. Louis Malle

Cathryn Harrison plays Lily in Black Moon directed by Louis Malle (1975)

Movie Review
Black Moon (1975)
d. Louis Malle
Criterion Collection #571

  Black Moon is a weird outlier in the Louis Malle canon: A post-apocalyptic fever dream that is most often tagged as a "dark Alice in Wonderland" though without many of the redeeming qualities of that book. Cathryn Harrison stars as Lilly, who is fleeing an unexplained civil conflict between army types and rebel types.  After abandoning her car, she makes her way to a country mansion which is inhabited by a bizarre old woman and a sister/brother duo who seemingly communicate by touch.  There is also a black unicorn, old person breast feeding, a talking rat and zero explanation of what is going on.

  Black Moon is another movie in the category of films that sound cooler than they actually are. Or perhaps more like one of those films that you say you like afterwards because it seems cool to do so, but do not actually enjoy watching.  Ultimately the only attraction is the winsome Cathryn Harrison, who plays the entire film in a sheer blouse that gets progressively more unbuttoned during the nearly two hour run time.

 Ultimately you'd have to call Black Moon a failure, though perhaps a movie worth showing to the right girl or gal to demonstrate ones cultural sophistication.

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