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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tonight: Foster The People To Play Free Show In Los Angeles

Foster the People mural in DTLA for their new record Supermodel

Foster The People To Play Free Show In
Downtown Los Angeles (hereinafter "DTLA)
location "somewhere in DTLA"

   Soooo Foster the People made this big mural on the side of an apt/condo bldg in DTLA and they are playing a free show tonight to celebrate it and I guess launch the album cycle for their new record SUPERMODEL.  I've heard it. Expect no radical departures from a band with 2 million albums and 9 million digital downloads sold. (1)  Some potential radio hits for sure. Certainly, I wouldn't bet AGAINST Foster the People considering the management/label/radio support they have backing them up.  Writing studio in Morocco aside, I did not hear any "kooky" influences that might alienate Pumped Up Kicks fans.

  I think the admission situation is "free but need a wristband" so check out their website if you are in the mind of attending.  Or stand across the street I suppose.

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