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Friday, January 10, 2014

Shoot The Piano Player (1960) d. François Truffaut

Movie Review
Shoot The Piano Player (1960)
d. François Truffaut
Criterion Collection #315

  One of the problems with watching the major works of the French New Wave is simply how familiar they have all become by virtue of their absorption by a half century of filmmakers in the rest of the world.  The techniques pioneered by Truffaut et. al. are now utilized by art film makers and television commercials alike.  Those films with an intensely personal approach, such as Truffaut's own 400 Blows, maintain their emotional intensity, but genre experiments like Shoot The Piano Player, while intriguing as an example of film history, have less power by comparison.

  Which is not to take anything away from the enduring popularity of Shoot The Piano Player, Truffaut's second feature and the 3rd most popular Truffaut product on and appears to rise and fall in virtual lock step with 400 Blows in terms of overall popularity in the English language:

 Personally, I didn't really enjoy Shoot The Piano Player and I find the French New Wave a bit of a chore thus far.  Probably because it all feels so familiar, and the endless reading of subtitles can be tiresome.  I'm not inclined to to rush through the films, certainly.

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