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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Show Review: INC. @ Soda Bar ALSO: THE VOID IS CLOSED

Formerly bar Eleven, the Void appears to have shut for renovations: The Void 2013-2013

Show Review:
INC. @ Soda Bar

  I went to see INC. last night at Soda Bar, but I parked in the Void parking lot to see what was up because they have officially zero shows booked for the rest of time.  To recall, my initial announcement of the Void being in existence was published on January 13th, 2013.  As of last night, I infer that the Void is now closed and being remodeled. I don't know if the name is being kept or what, but as of 10 PM last night there was construction equipment in the parking lot and the front door was closed.  Those observations, combined with the lack of upcoming events of any kind, cause me to surmise that something is amiss, or that it is something more than an update of the present Void- because why wouldn't any shows be booked for the future?

 If it turns out the Void is, in fact, done, just wanted to say that I thought it brought some fresh energy to San Diego, and while I don't think "it will be missed" is strictly speaking, accurate, it was appreciated while it existed.

 As for INC. they fit squarely- squarely- into the new genre of pbr&b where young people re-create the sounds of 70s/80s/90s r&b with home computer emulators, sampling, and in the case of INC., and actual six string bass.  I could maybe hear why 4AD signed this band, but I certainly couldn't see it.  It is a positive flood of bands in 2013 that came through with electronic inspired music and failed to make an actual impression on a live audience.  Shades of the Witch House trend of 2010-2011, and Lo Fi before that 2006-2008.

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