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Monday, December 30, 2013

Louie Bluie (1985) d. Terry Zwigoff

Movie Review
Louie Bluie (1985)
d. Terry Zwigoff
Criterion Collection #532

 Like other reviews being published in this between Xmas/end of the year time slot, Louie Bluie was lurking at the bottom of my queue for half a year. The seasons flew by and Louie Bluie sat unwatched, spending a total of 8 months on or near the bottom of my Hulu Plus movie queue. It wasn't until it actually became the LAST movie on my queue that I managed to watch it, and so I thought it was appropriate for Louie Bluie to be the last movie reviewed in 2013.

  What have I learned from watching 100+ titles of the Criterion Collection this year? I've learned they have a lot of titles by Kurosawa and Bergman, and that they excel in the areas of 50s and 60s European art cinema and have a fondness for eccentric American indie films. It has been an odyssey.

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