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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Show Review: Father John Misty at the House of Blues San Diego

Father John Misty: Casbah- stop booking people at the House of Blues, that place fucking SUCKS.

Show Review:
 Father John Misty at the
 House of Blues San Diego

  Last month, when I saw Yacht Rock Review at House of Blues Hollywood, I had a good time, so it can not be said that every House of Blues is a nightmarish hellscape from which none emerge unscathed.  The Father John Misty show there last week raised more questions than it answered.  Questions like, "Why do people go to a concert if they want to loudly talk and drink at a bar?"  Mainly that question, because that was the main impression generated for myself, and apparently, Father John Misty.

 The floor set up at the House of Blues San Diego restricts drinkers to a raised platform at the back of the room, and being unaware of this fact, I purchased a beer and had to stand there for 20 minutes while I sucked it down.  There was a very loud woman standing right next to me, and after five minutes, Father John Misty waited till she said something distinctive enough to respond to and told her to "shut up."  And she did, FYI.

 I'd have to say that Father John Misty, myself and my companion shared a perspective on the short-comings of the House of Blues audience and the House of Blues itself.  3/4 of the way through his said Misty launched a crisp, brief tirade in the direction of the management, and he complained about the crowd (justifiably so) on several occasions.

 I left the concert with an appreciation for Misty as a song writer and a performer, I was wholly unfamiliar with his work outside of his prior gig drumming for Fleet Foxes (Fleet Foxes have drums?) and I was pleased to learn that Misty is a wry observer of contemporary social mores with a song writing style best described as a mix of country, folk and indie.  He's one key phrase away from a legit radio type hit, and I would bet he delivers at some point.

  As for the crowd, San Diego, you are SO embarrassing to me.  My guest was from out of town.  It was their first show in San Diego EVER and you go and do that. 

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