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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Show Review: Audacity & Hunters @ The Void

HUNTERS vocalist Izzy Almeida

Show Review:
& Hunters
 @ The Void

  Two good, interesting bands at the Void last night.  Headliner was Audacity of Fullerton, touring in support of their new record on Suicide Squeeze records.  Support act HUNTERS is signed to leading fake-indie Mom plus Pop (Sleigh Bells, Wavves, Metric, FIDLAR, ETC.) and I'm always interested to see what those guys think is worth signing. I wouldn't say that I'm in any kind of mutual competition with Mom plus Pop, they are Goliath to my David, but I find it profitable to, you know, pay attention to what other people are doing in the field.  I've met so many major label type music people who are just so burned out on the process of discovering new music that I ask myself why they even bother. If you can't at least leave yourself open to the prospect of inspiration in your particularly artistic/professional field, what the fuck are you doing there in the first place?

  I think Audacity is an interesting band because they are from Orange County, which is a neighboring market of some interest.  Audacity is from the same city as Burger Records, and has a long standing, if not exactly lucrative affiliation with the label.  I think the appropriate band neighborhood is addressed by the "similar artists" of their Last FM profile: Pangea/together Pangea and Cosmonauts, and then FIDLAR a level up from there and WAVVES waayyyy on top.  So, punk and surf influenced garage rock bands from Southern California. FIDLAR has def. obtained a secured existence barring personnel/personal disasters. Pangea looks like they've got a shot, and then Cosmonauts and Audacity are still kind of slogging along.

   Watching them last night, it is clear that Audacity are no where as near as showy/bratty as their more popular genre counterparts. They maintain a bro-ey demeanor that clearly limits their appeal to the legion of internet fans who embrace the weedy/boozey/seedy antics of Wavves and FIDLAR.  From a record label perspective they represent an intriguing prospect with a bunch of upside, but a less predictable road to viability.  Don't think there is anything left to do but continue to put out LP's on a yearly (or sooner) basis on decent labels that can afford PR and then tour the record.  They should be able to handle that after a decade of poking around Orange County, or just be content with where they are at, playing to 25-35 people on a Tueday night in San Diego.  That's fine with me, I had a good time last night.

   Support act Hunters is a boy/girl duo fleshed out to a four piece.  Watching them it is easy to see what Mom plus Pop saw: A combination of Sonic Youth and Yeah Yeah Yeah's type songwriting with a decent looking Karen O type in front.  I'm skeptical of anything on Mom and Pop being properly indie, and my best guess is that they either have management or that Mom and Pop is managing them as well in one of the gross conflicts of interest that is positively endemic to the music industry.

  I enjoyed the show, but I'm curious to see if Mom and Pop can break them, especially when the debut LP rocked a 4.9 (Ian Cohen Made It).  It's survivable- but it doesn't help.  Ultimately

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Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that San Diego is known as a musical wasteland. Bands of the caliber of Audacity and the Hunter rarely venture so far south..Your mediocre review might save them travel time and gas $$$ in the future.

Look around and do your research! No need to be so critical - they may be two of the best bands you see for a while...

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