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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Top Hits From September 2013

  The present format of this blog (book reviews, movies reviews, show reviews) was actually a conscious choice by me to drive away readers and specifically to distance myself from being a 'local music blog' which is a stupid, useless thing to be.  For whatever reason, according the embedded Google Analytics information provided by the Blogger platform, September 2013 was this blogs biggest month in terms of Audience size since they started keeping track for me in July 2007.   In that initial month, this blog received 11,216 page views.  Between September of 2007 and December 2012 it received more then 10,000 page views in a single month exactly twice.   Since December 2012 it has received greater than 10,000 page views every month except February (7000 page views), with a all time high of 15,267 page views last month.  I have zero insight as to why this is happening- it could be spam bots, could be an increase in interest. No idea.

  Here are  a selection of the most popular posts from last month:

1. Yacht Rock Revue & Pacific Dimensions at The House of Blues - Show Review - 2,079 page views:  This post is on track to be the most popular post ever within two months of publication, no small feat for a blog that has been measuring traffic since 2007.  Why is this post so popular? No idea- I have no idea where the traffic comes from.  I suspect spam traffic, but I feel like I would be able to identify it, so... mystery.

3. The Cranes Are Flying (1957) d. Mikhail Kalatozov - Movie Review - 257 page views:  You can see the dramatic difference between the page views of the most popular post vs. the number three post- roughly 1:10.  Not unusual.  What is unusual is that a Russian film from 1957 was the third most popular post in my biggest Audience size month ever.  Why is this case?  Could be the photograph of Russian actress Tatyana Samojlova- babes draw clicks- or maybe it is something else.  It's nice to see this post up in the top five, though.

5. Matthew Arnold and American Culture - Book Review - 149 page views:  This January 2012 post about cultural theorist Matthew Arnold has been a more or less consistent winner with a total of 750 page views since the initial publication date.

Boy (1969) d.  Nagisa Oshima - Movie Review - 128 page views:  Here is yet another suprise entrant onto my monthly top ten most popular post lists.  This is not even a proper Criterion Collection title, but it is newly introduced, and was previously hard to find, so I think this is just a case of there not being as much competition for these page views vs. other better known films. 

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