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Monday, October 21, 2013

Show Review: Festival Supreme Was A Total Fucking Triumph

Jack Black: marketing genius for the success of Festival Supreme

Show Review:
 Festival Supreme Was A Total Fucking Triumph

   First and foremost, let it be said that the first edition of Festival Supreme, the "music/comedy" Festival created by actor/singer/apparently brilliant business person Jack Black, was a total fucking triumph.  I'm just saying this from the perspective of a fan of Mighty Boosh and Tim & Eric, and someone who likes some of Jack Black's movies but not others, and who is not a Tenacious D fan.  The underlying concept of combining music and comedy in a music festival format was simply genius.  It was EASILY the freshest festival concept/actual experience that I've been to since the first time I went to Coachella.   Furthermore, Fesival Supreme was sold the fuck out.

  How sold the fuck out was Festival Supreme?  Well, before I made it inside I spent 15 minutes standing next to John C. Reilly and a woman someone told me was Jack Black's actual wife, and they had trouble getting a ticket for John C. Reilly, before he was actually physically led inside by one of the ticket distributors.  Because they "ran out" of tickets.  I'm not complaining about this, I'm saying this is evidence of how successful this event was.

 Inside it was a standard situation where there were levels of access.  At least four different badge categories ranging from general admission, to purchasable VIP, to a not for sale GUEST as well as "WORKING" for the help, and "ARTIST" for the performers and their entourages.  I'm merely describing the badges.   Assuming you had a GUEST/WORKING/ARTIST badge, there was ALSO an accompanying wrist band that was either red, blue or yellow.  Red was the lowest level, with blue being next and then yellow being the highest level.  Again, I'm not making this observation in order to complain, but simply to demonstrate the facts of the situation because I find them personally interesting.

  Aside from being a witness to the triumph, I was there specifically to watch The Mighty Boosh.  I watched their 30 minute set standing in between a couple that had driven from Sacramento for the occasion. Said she, "We were driving near San Francisco and they said something about it on the radio, then I looked it up and I said, "PULL OVER- WE MUST BUY TICKETS TO SEE THE MIGHTY BOOSH."  On the the other side was a guy sporting a Mighty Boosh tattoo on his thigh.  This was near the back of the crowd- so who knows what it was like up front.   Boosh showed up with Naboo and Bob Fossil (resplendent in his blue leisure wear.) Boosh delivered a crowd pleasing 30 minute set- better then what I saw at Comic Con a few years back.   People were mad for it.  Afterwards, I overheard a staffer tell another staffer say that the performers had to be ushered to the Artist reserved area outside of the festival for fear that "they wouldn't be able to move in the crowd."

  Zach Galifianakis was next up.  He did ten minutes of material.  Seemed short, but to be fair if you looked at the schedule his slot just had a starting time.  I missed Will Forte and Hannibal Buress.  Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was passable, didn't watch Adam Sandler, but he seemed like a real normal cat.

  Tim & Eric were hilarious- they performed as a band with bassist, two drummers and a keyboardist- with Tim and Eric both on guitar.  They managed to turn in a set that was both funny AND musical, and also managed to be funny without telling jokes, which is maybe the most impressive part of what Tim Heidecker is accomplishing as a mature artist. His humor is character driven and appreciating it doesn't necessarily mean that you "like" Tim Heidecker in the way that Adam Sandler fans "like" Adam Sandler.  In fact, I think you can appreciate Tim Heidecker as an Artist and not like him one bit.  I liked the film he acted in (The Comedy), I liked the Tim & Eric movie, like the show, liked his stand-up set.  I think he's a comic genius, but he also seems like a total dick.  Some of that is probably why he is a great artist.

  Tenacious D played and were joined on-stage by Lonely Island.  The Audience LOVED Tenacious D- again- I stood next to two hardened "Crust Punk" types- they had patched jackets etc.  I watched them demonstrate that they had interlocking Tenacious D hand tattoos, to the bemusement of the middle aged "industry" type woman they were talking to.  She immediately began trying to figure out who was the "top" and who was the "bottom," and it was actually as funny a moment as any of the many funny moments on stage.

  Besides missing Hannibal Burress and Will Forte, I also missed Sarah Silverman and Craig Robinson.  The only dud of the day was the Maya Rudolph Prince cover band.  They did not do any of the Prince hits. It was not an all woman band.  I don't see why you would do a comedy female Prince cover band and not play Prince songs.  Were they playing originals? I couldn't tell.  It didn't play.  There was also some band from the internet that did songs about Internet Memes like "Run Tell Dat" and "Double Rainbow."

  It's worth mentioning that Lonely Island was excellent.  It's a shame that they haven't played life more often- I would totally go see them do a full show.  Annnd... way to go Jack Black- you nailed it.

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Anonymous said...

While I agree with almost all of your observations, it needs to be said that the venue was WAY overcapacity. Moving around from stage to stage, buying food/drinks was overly tedious.

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