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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Show Review: Burger Records Caravan of Stars f. Gap Dream & Curtis Harding

This is Curtis Harding.  His performance last night at the Burgerama Burger Recods Caravan of Stars Tour (San Diego stop) was worth talking about.

Show Review:
 Burgerama Burger Records Caravan of Stars Tour f.
 Gap Dream & Curtis Harding
Black Cat Bar San Diego

  Being a firm believer in the principle of "conservation of energy,"  I look at the feverish activity of Fullerton based, Sony distributed,  Burger Records with a mixture of envy and horror.  Burger Records: Hangin' w James Franco!  Filming Youtube Documentaries!  Organizing a 30 city US Tour with a bunch of bands w <100k .="" andd....="" fm="" it.="" last="" lp="" nbsp="" on="" one="" out="" p="" plays="" put="" s="" that="" this="" year="">
 I would never dream of trying to match their activity level, the music industry operates in terms of decades and no one remembers the stuff you do that doesn't come off.  At the same time, I'm trying to keep up with the Burger Boys, at least in terms of picking spots to go see the bands they are working with and the shows they are booking in San Diego.

 Last night was a doubly appealing opportunity because it was at a previously unfrequented venue, Black Cat Bar in San Diego.  Black Cat is located off the 15 on University Avenue, in sight of the freeway entrance, essentially.  Black Cat bar has a smallish stage in the corner.  It's not a bad venue, with the exception of the two standard size pool tables that crowd the space where a larger audience would stand.  It wasn't a problem last night, and I'm assuming that pool playing Audience must be important to them if they have not one but two pool tables, but it would be a reason NOT to have a larger Audience show at this venue.

  But last night it was perfect for the 50-100 people who showed up for the San Diego edition of the wide-ranged Burgerama 2013 Burger Records Caravan of Stars Tour Burger.  I happen to be a fan of the original Carvan of Stars Tour, which was booked by Dick Clark, so I see what Burger is trying to do there and I appreciate it.

 The stand out performer last night was Curtis Harding, an African American from Atlanta who combines some real vocal "chops" with a standard ish garage rock line up.  But that voice is enough to make the well seasoned listener stop whatever they are doing and watch the performance.  If Burger does indeed have an LP and not just a 7" they have a potential break-out star on their hands.  If they do not have the Curtis Harding LP someone should snap that up right quick.

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