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Monday, October 28, 2013

Purple Noon (1960) d René Clément

Alain Delon

Movie Review
Purple Noon (1960)
 d René Clément
Criterion Collection #637

 Presently drifting through the Criterion Collection, like a leaf in the wind, without plan or scheme. Front to back, back to front, by year, country or director- I have a vague inkling that I'm going to tackle every Ingmar Bergman film but I find the prospect exhausting.  Purple Noon is at this point best known as a prior adaption of the Matt Damon starring The Talented Mr. Ripley, which is the actual title to the Patricia Highsmith novel that both films are based upon.  If you've seen The Talented Mr. Ripley, you know what is up with Purple Noon.  With the recent American version so widely known, Purple Noon is mostly notable for the luscious mise en scene of Southern Italy and Rome, and the performance of Alain Delon as Ripley.  Even as a straight man it is hard not to be impressed with the physical attractiveness of a young Alain Delon (or an old Alain Delon for that matter.)

  I believe I've seen Purple Noon at least three times by now.  I'll probably watch it again a couple times before I die.  True crime classic.

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