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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Museum Review: New San Diego Main Library/Central Library Opens

Open air atrium of the New San Diego Central/Main Libtrary

Museum Review:
New San Diego Main Library/Central Library
330 Park Blvd.

  The new San Diego Main Library/Central Library replaces the decrepit prior Central Library, a claustrophobia inducing Public Works Administration holdover favored by members of our Vagrant-American population.  It is no way an exaggeration or slur to simply state the fact that the old Central Library smelt strongly of stale human urine.  Truth be told, I haven't been into a non-legal library since I graduated from law school in San Francisco more then a decade ago (and oof.)

New San Diego Central Public Library entrance plaza- v. inviting.

  There is something charming about opening a new library in 2013, just as books and reading seem to be on the verge of extinction.  The new location is excellent, across the street from Petco Park and located near trolley and bus lines.  The interior has an indoor/outdoor design appropriate to the weather in San Diego.  The first three stories have a spacious open-air atrium that invites the casual user inside.

  Plenty of computers as one expects, but also all their books on display.  I wouldn't say that I was impressed with the collection, but fuck man, it's a brand new library.  I've been reading public domain novels on my Kindle for like three years so it really opens up some new opportunities in literary criticism and history books.

  If you are a downtown/Golden Hill/South Park/Barrio Logan this is a great opportunity to renew your love affair with the library.

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Adam Calhoun said...

I'm pretty excited about this - I go to the tiny, run-down University Heights library fairly frequently - and have heard great things about the new library.

But man, that open-air atrium looks like the entrance to an airport, especially from that angle

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