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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I Married a Witch (1942) d.Rene Clair

Veronica Lake

Movie Review
I Married a Witch  (1942)
 d.Rene Clair
Criterion Collection #676
Criterion Collection edition released October 8th, 2013

  New release woop woop. I Married a Witch is obviously given Criterion Collection status because it was directed by Rene Clair and stars Veronica Lake and is a screwball comedy about a family of witches and isn't that enough, dammit?  It is hardly the best film of Rene Clair's career. Veronica Lake is better known for a half dozen other roles, but still... the combination of the two with the supernatural theme; not to mention a 75 minute run time.... It's... easy to see why you would pick this film for Criterion Collection treatment.
Veronica Lake

  Still, I Married a Witch is not a canonical type picture, but it does have Veronica Lake in it, and it is directed by Rene Clair.  Veronica Lake has a fairly spectacular Hollywood flame out story attached that makes her a kind of Hollywood Actresses' Hollywood Actress.  Plus, she has the film noir roles with Alan Ladd.  And she is a total babe.  It's not a must buy, but you should probably at least watch it.  Veronica Lake plays a witch.  That should be enough.

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