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Friday, October 04, 2013

Event Previews for Los Angeles: Afrojack, Neko Case & Calexico

DJ Afrojack

Event Previews for Los Angeles:

Friday, October 4th
@ Shrine Expo Hall 18+

Neko Case

Saturday, October 5th
Newport Folk (TM) Presents
Way Out Yonder Fest
 Neko Case & Calexico
@ the Santa Monica Pier - All Ages

   For me, Afrojack will always be the guy who fucked Paris Hilton as late as 2012, which is like banging an 84 year old Mae West in the mid 1970s.   That doesn't mean I won't go watch the live show.  I actually heard a live set of his at 2 AM in the morning driving back from Los Angeles a few months back and I was totally, unexpectedly blown away.  Also, because this is a corporate type show it runs from nine to midnight, and therefore does not require me to stay up till three in the morning to watch a DJ "perform."  All the reasons to go to an Afrojack show in Los Angeles begin and end with crowd watching.  Tickets are 40 bucks.

 I believe this is the first attempt by Newport Folk Festival to do a show out on the West Coast, so I'm interested in that and the fact that it is a concert on the Santa Monica pier, which is itself awesome.  Neko Case exists in a universe that is adjacent to but does not overlap with my own personal taste.  Bands like the New Pornographers, Rilo Kiley and Mates of States and performers like Jenny Lewis and A.C. Newman are not something I'm into but if ever I'm going to give Neko Case an honest shot the Santa Monica pier seems like a good place to do so.  This show goes two days and tickets are like 120 USD.



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