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Monday, October 07, 2013

Double Suicide (1969) d. Masahiro Shinoda

At least Double Suicide has some tits.

Movie Review
Double Suicide (1969)
 d. Masahiro Shinoda
Criterion Collectin #104

  Not sure what it is about Japanese cinema but it is rapidly becoming my least favorite sub part of the Criterion Collection.  I like Seijun Suzuki and can obviously appreciate the majesty of Kurosawa, but other then the Suzuki films I don't actually like watching any of them.  It's just a chore.  Double Suicide is the worst of the bunch thus far.  Double Suicide is a take on a classic Bunraku puppet play, where a man goes ga ga over a courtesan in feudal Japan.  Unable to be together in life, they chose to be together.... in death.  So yeah, it's another movie where you are waiting for the main characters to die at the end.  Oh is this it?  Do they die here?  Oh maybe it's now?  No.  Now?

  It's also not one of those films where afterwards you are like, "Oh I can't wait to till person X about this movie, I bet they will really like it."  I don't know a single person in the entire universe who would make it through a half hour of Double Suicide.  I can only surmise that it included in the Criterion Collection because it as free to acquire, or perhaps because the director uses "Brechtian distancing techniques" in the form of black garbed "puppeteers" who follow the (human) characters around and even intervene in the action at time.  Me, I found it tedious.  Not recommended!

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