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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yacht Rock Revue Announces East Coast/South East Dates

 That Yacht Rock Revue show review I posted is like my most popular post ever.  I'm not sure if it is legit traffic, or spam referrals, or what, but typically a popular post on this blog would have about 100 page views right now, a regular one 30-40 and an unpopular post 20... The Yacht Rock Revue show review has 650 views.  Sometimes that is the result of a spam site hitting a particular post for some reason, but that does not appear to be the case here.

  If you are looking at this post and deciding whether to go see a Yacht Rock Cover Band, the answer is if you've thought about it at all, "yes." And go see this Yacht Rock Cover Band.  They are a category killer.  It's going to be like Elvis down there in the South.  These guys are the Beatles of Yacht Rock cover bands.

9 -13 Greensboro Coliseum,   Greensboro, NC
9-27 Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, GA *
10-4  Greystone at  Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA
10-5 Walk of Fame Park, Nashville, TN
10-10   State TheaterWashington, DC
10-11  Gramercy Theater,  New York, NY
10-12 Rams Head on Stage, Annapolis, MD
10-13 The Visulite Theater, Charlotte, NC
10-19   Atlanta, GA
10-31 Georgia TheaterAthens, GA
11-1 Music Farm,  Charleston, SC

* as Yacht Rock Schooner

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