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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Last Wave (1977) d. Peter Weir

Movie Review
The Last Wave (1977)
d. Peter Weir
Criterion Collection #142

  Boasting both a killer 80s synth sound track and an engaging plot concerning the efforts by an Australian lawyer (Richard Chamberlin) to defend a group of urban Aborigines accused of manslaughtering one of their own, The Last Wave shouldn't require much a pitch to watch in that it is a) not a silent film b) not a black and white film c) is in English and d) has a conventional criminal trial plot crossed with a supernatural/aboriginal hook to keep things interesting.

  This is the second Australian Criterion Collection title I've encountered- the other is Walkabout- and I've previously seen though not written about Picnic At Hanging Rock- which is also by Peter Weir, the director of the Last Wave.  Walkabout is directed by Nicholas Roeg.   Picnic at Hanging Rock was released in 1975 and catapulted Weir to international prominence, and so The Last Wave has the feel of a  film that was meant to reach the widest possible audience for a film with Australian themes.

  The sound track is particularly notable for the synth heavy vibe.  The Last Wave is no chore to watch and it makes an enjoyable evening view.

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