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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The 2013 San Diego Music thing Is This Weekend Yay

Kim Gordon is speaking at the 2013 San Diego Music Thing, everyone.

  Fair to say that I'm deeply ambivalent about the San Diego Music Thing.  On the one hand, I applaud the ambition and the sheer music business-y existence of it, on the other, I'm not a part of it, attending, on a a panel, going to any of the shows.  I'm not a member of the San Diego Music Foundation which is the insider institution as far as the music industry in San Diego goes.  It's my own fault, I take responsibility for my own exclusion.  For example, I'm the treasurer of the San Diego Criminal Defense Bar Association, which is the functional equivalent of the San Diego Music Foundation for criminal defense lawyers.  So, I get it...give a little get a little.

  If you look at the Board of Directors for the San Diego Music Foundation it is clear that City Beat operator Kevin Hellman is the boss, because he is President.  Then you've got Dang Nguyen, David Branfman, Benton Moore, Perette Godwin and Scott Richison.  Then moving away one step you've got the sponsors for the San Diego Music Thing and you've got City Beat (obviously), Blue Moon & 91X.  The significant sponsor there is 91x- no 94/9.  My one regret about NOT being involved with the San Diego Music Foundation is not having that potentially having that kind of access to 91x.  I think more and more about commercial radio and I realize that I've basically shut myself out of that locally for no reason whatsoever, but what is done is done.

 When you look at a situation where Best Coast is playing the 94/9 show and Wavves is playing the 91x fest, you are seeing something that is tactically very smart because it sets up airplay for a subsequent single.  That's what you have to do to get on the radio.  Taking shots at a radio station from a blog is not going to get you there, lamentably.  I'm not saying that the traditional route of paying a consultant to obtain commercial radio access is ruled out, but getting some kind of chummy break based on a local relationship is not going to happen.

  But even as I regret my lack of involvement I'm thankful because the actual music business I'm involved in has nothing to do with San Diego.  I mean San Diego is a market, but as a percentage of sales it's maybe less then one percent? It's just not a significant location so a music conference here isn't that significant either.  That's just true for me and my business, I'm not saying that's true for other people and I think the solid attendance year after year establishes that the San Diego Music Thing is viable and sustainable and has an Audience.

  I'm glad my music business fate isn't tied to my ability to get integrated to the the local music business scene because if that was the case I would be out of the game by now ha ha.

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kerm said...

what did you do to shut yourself out?

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