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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Show Review: Yacht Rock Revue & Pacific Dimensions at The House of Blues

Yacht Rock Revue is an actual Yacht Rock cover band from Atlanta that exists, and, as it turns out, is incredible.

Show Review:
 Yacht Rock Revue 
& Pacific Dimensions at
The House of Blues HOLLYWOOD, CA.

   Yacht Rock Revue is The Beatles of the Yacht Rock "scene."  If you had to ask me, I would say that "Yacht Rock" as a thing that exists dates to 2005, when the online video series "Yacht Rock" appeared on line for the first time in March 2005. (1)  I would argue that after that series debuted there was an associated Yacht Rock scene that mostly consisted of DJ nights in your basic Top 20 markets in the USA.  Entirely domestic, with no international counterpart.  No original artists came out of it.  Something more then a meme, but less then a scene.  Peaked maybe in July 2007.  I did one post on Yacht Rock- July 2007. (2)

  If you had asked me before Saturday night the current cultural status of Yacht Rock I would have said, "Dead as a door nail!"  But man, did Yacht Rock Revue- an actual band from Atlanta that exists and played to a packed house at the House of Blues in Hollywood Saturday night- prove me wrong.  Turns out: Yacht Rock is not only alive and well, but in fact more popular then ever.  And Yacht Rock Revue fucking nails it.

  This show was both the best show I've seen all year and also the most depressing.  Here are like, hundred of people, Saturday night and what do they get excited about?  Yacht Rock covers from the 70s and 80s .  Wow. Couldn't help but think about the contrast between the reception accorded Yacht Rock Revue and what greets a typical indie band playing the Echo.

 So, so many Captain's hats.  And... this was unexpected... an ethnically diverse crowd?  I mean what? EVERYBODY LOVES YACHT ROCK.  Local DJ duo Pacific Dimensions opened the show with an exclusive set that blended non-duplicated Yacht Rock tunes with a wider selection of 80s party jams.  The crowd also loved that as well.

 The highlight of the Yacht Rock Revue show were the guest stars: The guy who sings "Brandy" and the principals of the band Player playing "their number one hit" Baby Come Back.  It was pretty special.  The name is so generic that it makes them seem almost more authentic.  Of all the things... Yacht Rock Revue.  But man they just nail every single song.


(1) Yacht Rock Wikipedia entry:  Yacht Rock was an online video series following the fictionalized lives and careers of American soft rock stars of the late 1970s and early 1980s. The series debuted onChannel 101 at the June 26, 2005 screening. It placed in the top five at subsequent screenings until the June 25, 2006 screening, where it placed seventh and was canceled. The show remained a popular download on Channel 101, convincing the creators to make two additional episodes independently. The 11th episode, featuring Jason Lee as Kevin Bacon, debuted during a screening at the Knitting Factory in New York City on December 27, 2007 and was later included with the other episodes on Channel 101.[1] On May 5, 2010, the 12th and final episode of Yacht Rock was released onto YouTube and Channel 101.

(2) Vanished Empires July 2007: One of my sources on the 411 on what's hot right now is my "off line" "friend", Nicky Shingles, bassist of fifty on their heels. He's the chatty one! Nicky has turned me onto Aqua Teen Hunger Force- all kinds of shit, really. Anyways, one of the conversation topics over the last several months has been what Nicky calls "Yacht Rock." I'm not really sure what side of the "on the rise/on the fall" trend spectrum but my best guess is that "Yacht Rock" is a "buy". Yacht Rock is also really, really You Tube friendly- as this dope post by Music Snobbery aptly demonstrates. It would be cheesy to steal his vids- but please, go check out Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now", Seals & Croft "Summer Breeze", and of course- "Sailing" by the IMMORTAL Christopher Cross. Mom was a soft rock aficinado, shall we say? Lots of memories involving san francisco and volvos.

Music Snobbery is a NYC based music blog, but don't hold that against it...

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