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Friday, September 20, 2013

Show Review: Cold War Kids & Papa @ The Wiltern in Los Angeles

Cold War Kids are on tour now in support of their digital Tuxedo EP, out now on Downtown Records

Show Review:
Cold War Kids
 & Papa @
The Wiltern in Los Angeles

  Cold War Kids played their hit song Hang Me Out To Try about five songs in.  Taken by surprise, I had to cut my bathroom break short and rush back to the concert hall to hear the song that launched the career of Cold War Kids.  It is amazing the impact that a hit song can have on the career of a rock band.  You only need one.  The idea of being a "one hit wonder" is somehow looked down upon, ignoring the obvious fact that the Artists without a single hit are simply forgotten 99% of the time.

 I was fully expecting that Cold War Kids would have added layers of backing drum tracks and synths to go with the 1800+ capacity venue, but they keep it pretty trad rock.  The piano is on stage and they have a keyboardist, but the drums are all live- no drum pads here.   Cold War Kids play with the kind of emotiveness and expression that I rarely see at the indie level- no standing around here.  When musicians weren't actually playing parts they were doing things like clapping, singing along to the lyrics, hugging themselves and dancing around on stage.  Guitarists and bassists intertwined in what can only be described as the ballet du rock show.  Am I supposed to say something condescending about the fact that Cold War Kids is a rock band that can sell a thousand tickets to a show in Los Angeles at 30 bucks a pop?

 If a band can pull down 20k plus for a headlining show in Los Angeles, they don't really need to justify their existence to Pitchfork or anyone else, and really, maybe it's the snobby cognoscenti who don't really get it- or at least refuse to understand the reality of the world and how it works.  Cold War Kids are popular because they play a style of music that is broadly appealing to a large potential audience, because they have above average talent at writing and performing music, and because they have a decent work ethic.

  Sure, they aren't indie darlings but who gives a fuck about that.  Cold War Kids is on tour in support of their new digital EP Tuxedo, which is out now on Downtown Records, and way to go with the digital ep route Downtown Records.  If you are a fan of Cold War Kids you should see them on this tour because they play their hits and sound like their records- worth the price of admission for any real Cold War Kids fan.

  Los Angeles indie band Pappa opened, and they also had a broadly accessible sound that should endear them to Cold War Kids fans.

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