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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Cool Joint Dirty Beaches & Dum Dum Girls Interview on Stereogum


    There used to be legions of Junior A&R (artist and repertoire) working for majors and indies alike.  They scoured the nation "signing" bands.  This was an entire class of people who were eliminated in the same way Stalin eliminated the wealthy peasant farmers of the Ukraine.  Who replaced them in the music industry? Nobody.  That leaves open the question of who, exactly, will be doing A&R type jobs in the future (or the present, for that matter.)   I would bet that Artists will become new A&R people, because the professional class that used to do this is gone, and playing music doesn't earn you very much money.

 Ultimately, any type of longevity in the music industry requires forming relationships with different Artists, and who better to do that then Artists themselves?  Seems like they would be next in line if you aren't going to carefully nurure a professional class of these people, as was the case into the 2000's.

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