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Thursday, August 01, 2013

New Indie Label Thrill Me Records

  Soda Bar booker/Cults drummer Cory Stier has revived (restarted?) his record label Thrill Me Records (FACEBOOK) and is releasing a Mrs. Magician "B-Sides" LP, slated to come out September 3rd.  He got Midheaven/Revolver to distribute it, and it's been a constant on the Midheaven/Revolver Weekly Top Seller Chart for roughly a month now.

  I'm not sure what the mood is over at camp Mrs. Magician, but I would strongly advise them to record another LP immediately- their first LP sold just as well if not better then many "Pitchfork approved" bands, and they have an accessible sound that appeals to the average indie rock club goers.  I don't think hipster blogs are ever going to do them any favors but fuck it, just put the record out and make some money, play some dates- keep it going.  Based on my knowledge of sales figures at Revolver it looks like the B Sides LP is already at break even or close to it so an LP should be a slam dunk to earn money.

 Something I don't get about many artists in the contemporary indie rock scene is these two year breaks between LPs.  If you have written and recorded LP 1 you don't fucking sit on your ass to "see what happens" post release, you write and record another LP.  If you wait, any momentum gained will be lost.  

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