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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Clash Magazine Hails New Crocodiles Record As Classic

 Part of the fun of paying for PR services in different markets is that you get to learn about different cool magazine and such in different part of the world.  Typically I'll see a piece they write about some project and then like the source on Facebook or add a feed to my Feedly reader.  Here is the review of the new Crocodiles record, Crimes of Passion, from Clash Magazine (Wikipedia)- which is based out of Scotland.

 This is the entire review:

Boom. San Diego’s Crocodiles have absolutely nailed album number four.
   ‘Crimes Of Passion’ is a classic-in-waiting. From the opening bars of the pulsing ‘I Like It In The Dark’, which slaps their trademark guitar crunch to a gleaming melody, to the giddy menace of ‘Me And My Machine Gun’, Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez perform like men on career-high form.
    The magnificent ‘She Splits Me Up’ is a slice of shimmering guitar pop that sounds like a scuzzy version of Teenage Fanclub at their finest.
    It’s a virtually perfect song on an album bursting with tales of joyous heartbreak. The sound of the summer.


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