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Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Rave Review For Crocodiles Crimes of Passion

Here is what people are saying about the new Crocodiles LP, Crimes of Passion:

8/10.  The fourth record for a band is a monument of sorts, a recognition that they’re committed to developing their sound as a unit, a testament of having survived countless tours, roadblocks and hang-ups on their way to creating their art form. Indeed some of the most recognizable bands in the world have given us their most memorable moments with their fourth release; immediately, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Radiohead and R.E.M come to mind while others like U2, Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie defined their status with their fourth releases as if to send a message of maturity and longevity. Though perhaps not on the grandiose stage as the aforementioned acts, San Diego`s Crocodiles have put forth their best work with their fourth full length record, and in doing so have cemented themselves as one of the top noise rock bands in recent memory. (Line of Best Fit)

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