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Friday, July 05, 2013

Venue Review: El Dorado Cocktail Lounge 1030 Broadway San Diego

This is the exterior of El Dorado Cocktail Lounge, located at 1030 Broadway San Diego 92101.

Venue Review:
El Dorado Cocktail Lounge 
1030 Broadway San Diego 92101

  I've been in a jury trial for the last two weeks.  The subject of this trial is a fight that happened in the heart of the Gaslamp district after closing time on a Saturday night.  If you don't already know, most of what a trial lawyer does during a two week trial consists of sitting very still with his/her hands steepled in front, staring straight ahead.  Being overly emotive or twitchy is frowned upon.  It turns out that sitting directly in front of my line of sight for the last two weeks has been a map I made of where this activity took place- a map of the Gaslamp.  So I've been sitting perfectly still, and thinking about little else besides the Gaslamp for the last two weeks.
This is the interior of El Dorado Cocktail Lounge, 1030 Broadway San Diego, dj booth is at the end there.

 And to be honest, I think I've been pretty unfair and judgey about the whole area.  Condescending? Yes.  Up Tight? Yes. After all, there are many simpatico traits between the Gaslamp and what I do- first of all- there is a lot of crime- a lot of DUI's start in the Gaslamp, fist fights, drug busts, etc.  Second of all, there is an Audience for live music (if you count DJ's in that category, and I do.)  Third of all, plenty of hot chicks.

  Another bonus is I can walk to the Gaslamp from my house, so I don't need to worry about drinking and driving.  Also, the prospect of waiting in line and NOT getting into a show would be the most novel experience of my life, and I would be just as happy, so there is no down side to getting there super duper late.

  I've been to El Dorado on multiple occasions for their excellent Happy Hour where craft Cocktails are five bucks a pop, AND DELICIOUS, but I'd never been to a bonkers DJ night there, and when I saw, on Facebook, that Dam Funk was playing a DJ set at El Dorado on Wednesday night I was like, "Well ok."

  Got there around 11 PM and it was already bonkers so I walked down the street to Chee Chees, which used to be San Diego's most disgusting dive bar but post-crack down has been transformed into...a regular dive bar.  It's not the true Chee Chees experience unless there is a pack of shit faced trannies holding court, and that was regrettably not on offer Wednesday night, but it was a good place to actually drink vs. El Dorado- which was a mob scene.

  Returning at midnight for the headlining DJ set, got in after a five minute wait in line because people were already leaving.  Inside it was wall to wall, managed to carve out a spot on the dance floor and soak in the vibe...which was... generally cool/normal looking girls and A LOT of bros in ball caps.  Who wears a baseball hat when they go out?  Street fashion aside, it seems so insane to wear a hat to a place where you know it will be hot and sweaty.

  Dam Funk was playing a high energy Funk centered set, with some vintage hip hop (Check the Rhyme, anyone? anyone?) the crowd was digging it and getting funky with a few trainspotters intermingled (for the purposes of these review I myself am a trainspotter.   I made it about 30 minutes before my companion complained about a headache and we had to go.  I would repate the Chee Chee's/ El Dorado pairing- the key being not arriving at El Dorado until about midnight to insure a minimum of waiting for the headlining DJ.

  Now tonight there are a couple intriguing propositions- Jaytech at Voyeur and Xzibit(!) at Stingaree. Of course, you can never go to a hip hop performance at a night club, you are asking to be disappointed. Straight up rap CONCERTS are bad enough.  Which leaves Voyeur. Talk about diving into the deep end of the pool head first.

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