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Monday, July 08, 2013

The Element of Crime (1984) d. Lars Von Trier

The Element of Crime by Lars Von Trier

Movie Review
The Element of Crime (1984)
 d. Lars Von Trier
Criterion Collection #80

  This movie is another "win" out of the first hundred Criterion Collection titles.  Lars Von Trier is a director who I literally hate because his movies make me uncomfortable but yet I've seen all of them except Antichrist and Melancholia. I watched Dancer in the Dark with my Mom in Berkeley and it was THE most uncomfortable experience in my entire life.
All Sepia All Day All Night 24/7

  Luckily, The Element of Crime lacks all of the characteristics of Von Trier's more well known work, except for being kind of impossible to watch.  The Element of Crime is a "sci fi detective" movie that reminded me most of Alphaville, in the way that Von Trier worked with a limited budget and contemporary scenery to conjure up a spooky and other-worldly dystopia.

  The "story" of The Element of Crime is that of exiled Police Detective Fisher being called back to Europe for one last case.  The narrative is framed by a dialogue with an unnamed Egyptian therapist who is using hypnosis to help Fisher reconstruct what happened.  In flashback sequences, the viewer is brought up to date on Fisher's quest to bring a serial killer of young lottery ticket girls to justice.

  From a "film art" the single most notable feature of The Element of Crime is that Von Trier shot it in Sepia colored film, which, to me, makes all of The Element of Crime look like an instagram photo. #theinternet #modernlife.

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