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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Show Review: Weedeater, ASG @ Soda Bar San Diego

Openers aSg were impressive.

Show Review:
@ Soda Bar San Diego

  I'm always interested to see a packed Tuesday night show in San Diego.  Nothing testifies to the drawing power of a successful diy/indie band like drawing a crowd on a Tuesday night in San Diego.   I can remember the rare occasions where I've been to a succesful Tuesday night show... Pains of Being Pure at 2009? DIIV? 2011?

  Weedeater pulled a very solid crowd of metal dudes, hipster metal dudes, the slightly less metal significant others of those dudes a bunch of pasty white guys wearing cool t shirts and shorts, and a smattering of normal looking chicks who must be... big Weedeater fans? IDK.  I think San Diego misses out on a lot of the  more diy/indie/pitchfork approved metal acts because few of those bands actually come from the west coast, so they never really do diy tours on the way up.  By the time they get to San Diego they have a booking agent and may already be in a position where they are skipping San Diego to play Phoenix/LA instead.

  I was impressed by the energy level of the crowd.   It was nice to see an Audience that was totally, totally up for the show and not particularly interested in posturing and making the scene.  Openers aSg are also from North Carolina, and just put out an LP on Relapse Records- said record: Blood Drive, got a 7.6 on Pitchfork.  I didn't know that until just now, but it doesn't surprise me- it was obvious that aSg is a band that knows what the fuck its doing up there.  What the fuck they are doing up there is playing melodic stoner rock- vs. the stoner metal of Weedeater- heavy stoner rock, but stoner rock for sure- not stoner metal.

  For fans of the genre aSg is worth a look on their current tour.

 Headliners Weedeater had the Audience pumped for the life show. Throughout the performances, songs were punctuated by spontaneous expressions of enthusiasm from the crowd.  It's literally like a surfeit of emotional energy being generated by the Audience and the ultimate expression of a succesful live performance by a band.   Weedeater creates a tremendous volume of sound for a three piece, and after last night I think I would point the drummer and the way he uses cymbals to create that volume.   There is simply an immensity about the live sound of Weedeater that I think draws people to their show.

 This wasn't the first time I've seen them live- and I would go again.

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