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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Show Review: Sonic Boom, Black Marble & Soft Metals @ The Casbah

Black Marble were last night's highlight

Show Review:
 Sonic Boom,
Black Marble
 & Soft Metals
@ The Casbah

  What constitutes a scene in a small to mid size American or European market?  I've said before that such a scene is rarely going to tally above 50 people, and that these 50 (in each city) are the critical early adopters that can make a difference for a new band- but who are those people?  I think... the inner core members of any scene are the people who make a living (or are trying to) from the music they support.  So: Venue owners first, bookers second, musicians third.  That's the inner core of any specific geographically based scene.  Surrounding them you have the significant others, friends and "followers" of those three categories of people.  Then you've got people who are financially involved in music and art in that area, but aren't necessarily dependent on local shows for income- so- music journalists/freelancers, record label employees and art professionals/students in other disciplines.  And then finally you've got the hard core fans of music- people who are interested enough in music to go see a new band on a weekday night.

Soft Metals: Great sound, need to work on the live show.

 I think traditionally when people talk about a scene, they are only considering that last group- hard core fans, but in fact when you consider this "Magic 50" number- hard core fans are probably a minimal part, and they are far out weighed in importance by both the first and second groups (and their friends/followers.)

 The highlight of last night's show for me was Black Marble- they have a sophisticated synth pop sound that seems ear marked for bigger and brighter things in the future (though having an LP on Hardly Art ain't bad in my book.)

 Soft Metals, who just released an LP on Captured Tracks- need to work on the live show- it was too static- they have a lot going for them on wax but I don't think the live show is going to convert many idle watchers into fans.  Great record though.

  Three Nights at the Con heads towards the end tonight with Milk Music and Colleen Green- at the Casbah. Should be fun! Check it out.

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