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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Show Review: Mrs. Magician, The Most Hi, Whirr, The Tennis System

Show Review:
Mrs. Magician,
The Most Hi,
Tennis System
@ Soda Bar/The Void, San Diego

  Last night was another hopeful glimpse of a potential future on the two block span of El Cajon boulevard that features both The Soda Bar and The Void.  Shows at both venues were packed, and I saw at least a dozen people who were at both shows.  The idea that both The Void and The Soda Bar could work out their issues and create a "syngergistic" (God forgive me for writing that word) effect is perhaps the the only tantalizing prospect on the horizon for San Diego night life.   It's clear to me that the best way to achieve this effect is for Soda Bar to start the first band before 10 PM and have The Void start it's first band at 10 PM so the acts are staggered.  I hypothesize that both venues could increase their ambient/non band specific crowd if they made a little effort to communicate to local music fans that a wide variety of music is on offer on a nightly basis, or to make some effort to either "counter program" or program complementary acts.  I think a great, great weakness in the current approach is that both venues are knocking themselves out to have bands every night.  I think it would be smarter to take a look at the calendar, and put some thought into what the crowd at one venue on a specific night might want to see at the other venue on a specific night.

  Let's look at a specific example- Tuesday, August 13th, King Tuff is playing Soda Bar.  That is going to be a well attended show.  On the same night, the Void has the Barbarian record release party- that's good- you've got one national touring band playing the Soda Bar, and then a Local Band with a record coming out playing the Void- two different but overlapping audiences.   The goal should be to get people to attend both shows, with King Tuff playing a headlining set earlier, and Barbarian playing later.


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