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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Show Review: Milk Music, Colleen Green, Hannibal Buress & Widows @ The Casbah

Hannibal Buress' surprise set was the highlight for me last night- but the crowd was not feeling it.

Show Review:
 Milk Music,
 Colleen Green,
Hannibal Buress
& Widow @ The Casbah

  One of the benefits of running a record label is that I am spared the existential questions that ought to typically accompany a 37 year old single man who spends a lot of time hanging out in rock clubs.  The flip side of that is that going out isn't typically a leisure time activity but it is a trade off I gladly make.

  Last night was the conclusion of the Art Fag/Impose Three Nights at the Con, and it was the best attended night of the three day event.  Attendance was likely driven by the headliner Nobunny, AKA Justin Champlin.  The strong attendance last night was another exhibit in the brief supporting the proposition that the garage rock/punk scene continues to be a strong- perhaps the strongest- underground rock genre in the United States.  Both last night's bill as well as the recetnt Shannon and the Clams concert were as well attended as any shows I've been to in the last five years.

  With Nobunny, we're talking about an artist who hasn't released an LP in over three years but can still draw 200ish paid on a Saturday night in San Diego.

  Local openers Widow played a sprightly brand of  pop/garage/punk that sounded like it had come out of a time warp from the mid 90s- not a bad thing, and probably a band that could develop a local following- they had friends and fans there last night.

 Hannibal Buress did a surprise set- and the lack of attention from the audience was embarrassing.  In fact, I wasn't even going to review this show but I wanted to just to personally apologize to Hannibal or his Google search reading assistant for the Audience- I'm assuming that all the Eric Andre show fans were at the House of Blues waiting for him to make his scheduled appearance.  I'm a fan of the Eric Andre show, and I'm a fan of Hannibal Buress, and his material last night- while brief- was hilarious- particularly the bit about tough rappers like to brag about being on Molly, which is in fact, a very not-tough substance, "I'm looking at this purple wall and feeling emotions and shit."

So Hannibal- if you are out there- sorry man- that crowd sucked last night and you deserved better.

 Colleen Green was not feeling it last night but she can do no wrong in my eyes. I hope I get another chance to put out another one of her LPs in the future because let me tell you, I would go all out- really treat her like a queen.  I have an abiding conviction that she has a lengthy and productive career in front of her.

 Saw Milk Music for the second time in a couple months.  Last night it was ultra clear that the primary reference point for Milk Music is Wipers.  I'm not even sure that there is another band to compare them to, unless you are talking about other bands that are equally influenced by Wipers.  They certainly have a something that makes them stand out.

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