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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

For All Mankind (1989) d. Al Reinert

Movie Review
For All Mankind (1989)
 d. Al Reinert
Criterion Collection #54

  For All Mankind was JUST added to Criterion Collection on Hulu Plus- it must have been within the month of July- so there is some relevance for this review because it's essentially a "new release" as far as streaming goes.  When I hear the "space beep" sound that echoes through this documentary about NASA's trips to the moon, I can think of nothing else but Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (see Youtube video embedded above.)  As it turns out, that beep is like the click of a two way radio/walkie talkie type device- it's funny because I just think of it as this percussive sound- as it's used in the song above, and had no idea that it played this functional role in space communication.

 For All Mankind is chock a block with such revelations as well as packed with simple beauty and majesty.  They also uploaded a making of documentary that really explains how the film was put together as a compilation of all the flights to the moon (but they don't tell you that.)  Also, the audio and visual are edited so that sometimes the voice you hear talking is different then the Astronaut pictured.

  If you can watch For All Mankind and not be profoundly moved you are not human.


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