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Friday, July 05, 2013

And God Created Woman (1956) d. Roger Vadim

Brigitte Bardot, bomb shell.

And God Created Woman
 d. Roger Vadim
Criterion Collection #77

  It's funny how films and novels are both treated with the same level of respect by critics because, let's face it, any moron can watch a movie- even a really hard to understand movie- whereas that same person is roughly one thousand times less likely to read a 400 page 19th century novel.  There's just no comparison. Really, you should watch a movie twice through to give it something close to the same weight as a novel.
Brigitte Bardot 

   And God Created Woman is the first Criterion Collection title where it's a performance that drives the release.  Here, it is Brigitte Bardot as the scandalous orphan Juliette.  This film was a smash international hit and introduced Bardot to a global audience (although it was her 33rd film.)  Truly, it is one of the most eye popping performances by an actress you are ever likely to see.  And to think that this film was released in 1956.  YOWZA.  She must have blown minds in the USA.
Brigitte Bardot

 One reason that And God Created Woman is NOT in the Criterion Collection is director Roger Vadim.  He is strictly a one hit wonder from the perspective of the Criterion Collection- he has zero other films in the Collection- Barabrella, anyone?  No?  Not sure what happened with him.  He sounds like a monster according to the accompanying Criterion Collection critical essay by Chuck Stephens.

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