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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TONIGHT! Dirty Beaches San Diego Record Release Party @ Whistlestop FREE!

  Event Preview
Dirty Beaches Drifters/Love is the Devil
Album Release Party at
The Whistlestop Bar in South Park/Golden Hill, San Diego, CA.
Listening party at 9 PM
followed by DJ sets from
Brandon Welchez (Crocodiles)
DD Penny (Dum Dum Girls)
& Rare Vinyl Give-aways

   Promoting a record release party is tough, because... people don't give a shit.  Promoting within a single market on Facebook is tough as well- I've completely reversed myself on how I approach targeting for repeat ads within a single market.  Initially, I thought it was better to find a narrow, relevant target and hit those people repeatedly, but since I myself have now witnessed the impact of that approach on my own FB page, I think it's a mistake.  Your friends and acquaintances are not the people who need to see a FB ad about your event, it's the total strangers who need to see it.  Preferably, those in walking distance.

  Instead of trying to target specific Audiences I've been using the general preset Audience pickers coupled with very specific geographical designations.  For example, for this event tonight I created two FB ads, one posted on Crocodiles page (targeting only Crocodiles fans in San Diego) and a similar post for Dirty Beaches.  Then I created an ad that targeted a pre set Audience with the Zip Code of "92104" creating a potential audience of about 5k for the ad.

  During the period the ads have been running, attendance has risen from 28 to 38 and honestly, that is great.  The difference between 20 and 30 people at a bar like the Whistlestop can be the difference between "fun" and "lame" and expectations need to be kept modest.  And I have spent less then five dollars.

  Obviously, the benefit to having an event at the Whistlestop is people go there just to drink so you always have a great ambient crowd that takes the pressure off of the specific event.

  But the point of this post is simply that marketing an event on FB within a single market repeatedly requires that you broaden your target audience, and try not to target people who can hear about the event directly.

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