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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Naked Kiss (1964) d. Samuel Fuller

The Naked Kiss (1964)
d. Samuel Fuller
Criterion Collection #18

   Wow so the Criterion Collection on Hulu Plus is really showing me how g-d- ignorant I am about film as an art form.  Really though I blame the distribution system for movies, which is not well adapted to the internet age.  I guess before last night I might have been able to identify Samuel Fuller as a film maker but I'd never seen one of his films and wouldn't be able to name any.  Fuller made B-movies but with a certain panache and identifiable stlyle that led to his identification as an auteur by French film critics in the 60s.  His peak is generally regarded to be the two Fuller movies that are part of the Criterion Collection: The Naked Kiss and Shock Corridor.

Samuel Fuller director The Naked Kiss

  The Naked Kiss is a weird wacky combination of noir and melodrama with a healthy side order of pedophilia.  The pedophilia angle is what gives The Naked Kiss, which is, prior to the emergence of the pedophilia angle, a standard issue prostitute with a heart of gold type narrative.

  Aspects of The Naked Kiss which stand out to a casual viewer are the cinemtography by Stanley Cortez (who shot the Magnificent Ambersons for Orson Welles) and the lead performace from Constance Garnett as Kelly, who comes across as as a uniquely "Fuller-esque" heroine.

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Anonymous said...

Pickup on South Street
White Dog
Are both additional criterion releases films by Fuller.

Also eclipse released the first films of samuel fuller.

Shock Corridor and Naked Kiss are more experimental films then others.

I recommend Pickup on South Street and the Steel Helmet (included in the eclipse set) as essential Fuller films

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