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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Stream New Dirty Beaches 2xLP At Pitchfork Advance


  The fact is if you do your job right releasing a record you are basically done 30 days before the record comes out.  In other words, either the manufacturing is done and the PR campaign is set up or you are just f*****.  So basically I'm done and moving on to the next project- unannounced- mind you.  I'm really excited about the next thing and nervous about the reception of this record.  Early signs are optimistic.  To give one concrete example, if you look at the Dirty Beaches Last FM profile- you can actually see that the number of weekly listeners is going up months in advance of the album release date.  That is unusual- typically there is a spike of 2/3x average weekly audience the week of the album release and an almost immediate decline.  It's rare to see a rise in weekly listeners that is not tied to the week of an album release.

   But you can also see there that the total number of plays is just over one million: I don't think a specific band has really achieved long term stability until they cross five million plays.  Anything less then that and it could go either way.  If your an act that has averaged 500k last fm plays per album that's good, but not great. You really want 2-3 million plays per record minimum.

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