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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Show Review: Broken Water @ The Void San Diego

Kanako Pooknyw

Show Review:
 Broken Water @ The Void San Diego

  Another cool Olympia band rolling through town. Self released LP vinyl in hand, Broken Water demonstrated a strong sense of self and dynamic stage presence during their headlining set at the Void Tuesday night.  The live show made it abundantly clear that this project is fronted by Kanako Pooknyw- the singing/drumming/guitar playing musician who is at the heart of Broken Water.

  The music had a shoegazy tinge that reminded me of another act I've seen recently- SISU- the band of Dum Dum Girls drummer Sandy Vu.  Unlike that Act, Broken Water  plays a more stripped down style minus synths/keys and etc.

  It was a breezy, entertaining set with a very decent turnout for a Tuesday night.  Better then what Grave Babies produced the night before.

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