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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Show Review: Kurt Vile and the Violators at the Casbah

Kurt Vile live show

   I agreed to help a friend with his start up business because, frankly, it's a good fucking business- science based.  Right now he is going around talking to different companies- huge- global-billion dollar businesses- and I'm all like concerned and trying to prep him for these encounters.  He is blithely unconcerned.  And when I ask why he says, "Because I have the nuts."  In other words he has the knowledge and skill set that makes him irreplaceable and crucial to any effort to capitalize on his business ideas.

   I was thinking about that conversation as I watched Kurt Vile play to a sold out by 930 PM Casbah.  Kurt Vile doesn't need to move around on stage or give much of a dynamic performance because he has the singing/songwriting nuts.  He's also got fans- 250+ of which were willing to shell out 20 bucks to see him last night.  He's also got solid indie credentials, five million last fm plays and a BNM in his back pocket.  So I could honestly say that the live show is a pretty static affair, but who gives a shit?   His fans don't care- they were super into it.   Matador and booking agents don't care because he is selling out the venues he plays.

 I ended up just listening to most of the set on the Casbah smoking patio beecause of the crowded interior and lack of a dynamic stage performance, but I'm glad I went because I think Kurt Vile will be around for a long time and his songs are very good.  Kurt Vile has the nuts.  He doesn't need to prance around like a pop punk Nimrod.

  Last night was additional evidence that you don't make money at a rock show in San Diego until the bros show up.  The bros were out last night, and it was glorious.  I feel like the bro demographic really shows a lot of potential.  Bros aren't some unchanging force, they are actually people and I've begun to recognize some of the people as belonging to that particular audience segment.  They always seem well behaved, more so then say the Audience at the Bronx show at the Casbah earlier this year.

 And you know, the fact is that the hard core scene 50 in San Diego couldn't sell out a doughnut shop during a cop convention.  The Bro audience can call up their non-scene girlfriends, and talk to their non-scene bro buddies they play amateur sports with etc and boom you've got a sold out Casbah show no problem.

  Maybe bros aren't into synth rock and atonal K Records inspired indie pop, but they like Kurt Vile, and they like the Crocodiles and plenty of other good bands.  It's like assembling a coalition to win an American political campaign- there are different interest groups, and they need to united behind one Artist/Candidate for that Artist to experience success in the market place.

  I see no reason why that same Audience wouldn't respond to bands like Plateaus, Heavy Hawaii or Mrs. Magician- let alone Cuckoo Chaos.   I think maybe the question I was left with last night was, "How do they bros come to decide that Kurt Vile is worthy of their 20 bucks? What are their sources for that information?"

  I also want to make it clear that these statements are based on my personal observations of specific people- I'm not generalizing at all.   If you were to show me stills of Audience members walking the front door I would be able to identify who I am calling "bros."  I'm not using bros in a negative sense and I respect their taste in music.


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