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Monday, April 01, 2013

Show Review: Iceage & Milk Music @ The Casbah

Iceage singer Elias Bender Ronnenfelt
Show Review
Iceage &
Milk Music
@ The Casbah San Diego, CA.

 Like Veronica Falls, Iceage is a band that has certain friends in common.  Also, I was involved in a decision to hire their PR firm for a project.   Iceage has done pretty darn well for a bunch of young, nihilistic punks from Denmark.   Last week, I was briefly in Los Angeles, where Crocodiles were recording with another Danish national, Sune Rose Wagner... so that is A LOT of Denmark.

 Interesting fact about Denmark: They actually had their own colonies up until the 20th century: Iceland and Greenland.  People don't really realize that Iceland was an impoverished colony into the 20th century- things didn't really turn around there till after World War I.  Another interesting fact about Denmark is that they had a top flight national Ballet troupe in the 19th and 20th century.  And of course you've got Soren Kierkegaard, Hans Christian Anderson.  Funny thing about Copenhagen is that it is a surprisingly long way north of Amsterdam- like a 10-12 hour train ride.

Milk Music: buzz band alert, fans of Wipers, Dinosaur Jr. take note!!!
    Opening band Milk Music is the third band out of Olympia that has made it on to the national stage in the last several months/couple years (Gun Outfit and Lake are the other two I'm thinking about.)  If they don't remind you of the Wipers you haven't listened to the Wipers, though the band I heard more often on the patio was "Dinosaur Jr."  The sound was a mixture of punk, metal and rock played with sloppy enthusiasm and verve.   Quite easy to see the appeal and I would not be surprised to see them established as a national touring band by mid summer.   Milk Music is an act you want to know about sooner not later so you don't look dumb.

 Iceage pulled about 200 people- not a sell-out but crowded.  They pulled pretty much every single one of the floating 100 person Audience that most respected indie/punk bands can pull at Casbah/Soda/Void.  They also had another 100 of what you might call "hard core Iceage fans."  Seemed like a lot of the same people I saw at the John Maus show a few months back.  I'm not sure why I've never seen it mentioned- but they lads in Iceage are really good looking dudes.  I guess that irrelevant for a bunch of Danish teen punk nihilists but I was struck by the charisma of the live show and the Audience really dug it.

  Like another hardcore influenced band with an indie Audience that I've seen in the last few months (Metz), Iceage have a huge upside because the "heaviness" of the sound gives them an entree into the world of punk/hardcore/screamo fans that goes to the Warped Tour.  They clearly are not savvy pop careerist- judging from how they carry themselves and who they associate with.  That is to their credit.   I like how they are playing US clubs instead of trying to simply play large festivals.  Speaking highly of them.   They seem like a cool bunch of guys with the right priorities.  Too bad they are on Matador though, not a fan of that label.  


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