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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Show Review: Grave Babies @ The Void

Danny Wahlfeldt Grave Babies

Show Review:
Grave Babies @ The Void San Diego

  Something I'm proud to say is true about me is that I can recognize a good band in a club even if they are playing to a small Audience.  That is the difference between people with good taste vs. people with bad/no taste:  People with good taste can distinguish good from bad Art products without knowing that other people feel the same way.  People with bad taste confuse popularity with aesthetic merit and often judge based on the former rather then the later.

 The truth is I've been going to numerous shows since my past blog post, but I haven't reviewed any of them.  I wanted to review Grave Babies because they really delivered with their live show, and I think it is important for people to know that fact.

  Grave Babies is yet another entrant in the suite of gothy punk bands being ignored by Pitchfork (1)- another example from that group is Cold Showers.  I think the issue is clearly that Pitchfork finds the entire aesthetic derivative, but as someone who actually goes out to shows in a West Coast market, bands like Grave Babies, Cold Showers and, going back a couple years, Blessure Grave & Trudgers are a refreshing breath of air.

  Grave Babies were notable for the compelling live performance. Front man/guitarist/song writer/arranger Danny Wahlfeldt has a voice both powerful and interesting.  The song structures are focused.  The presentation and delivery are well thought out.  Talking to band members after the show I was impressed by the professional attitude.

 The fact that Hardly Art signed them out of Seattle tells me that their potential has been readily apparent for a number of years.


(1)  Please note I am not complaining, simply noting an aesthetic choice made by Pitchfork.

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