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Friday, April 12, 2013

New Dirty Beaches Track on Pitchfork from Japan Only CD


          Well into the Dirty Beaches Drifters/Love Is The Devil LP release run-up. The newest "single" Landscape In The Mist came out late last week and experienced a rare triple peak on sound cloud- that's when you have three consecutive days of "record" number of plays.  Typically a new song will get a single 24 hour period of record plays, and then decrease an average of 50 percent per day afterwards, so any double /triple/quadruple peak is significant and represents an acceleration of momentum for the Artist.

   One of the arguments I made to Alex in favor of staying with Zoo Music for this release was that we were totally cool with him putting out 7"s and junk like that with his friends in different countries, and that we wouldn't interfere and would, in fact, think it was actually cool and back him up with those who think such things are not a good idea.  So when I hear for the first time that the Japan edition of the Drifters/Love Is The Devil LP has a Japan-only bonus CD ep consisting of Alex playing solo piano via Pitchfork my first thought was, "Awesome- Alex is doing his thing!"  It's activities like this that make Audiences love Artists.

     On the other hand, getting locked into a static LP/LP/EP/LP release schedule locked in sync with the flip of the calendar for year to year- no one gives a shit about that.  I mean people do of course, because that's what everyone does, but it's not really a cool look for an Artist.  Putting out a physical only CD EP of solo piano ballads with your Japanese edition double vinyl LP?  That is cool.

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