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Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Dirty Beaches LP Leaked & Why I Don't Care

  The new Dirty Beaches double LP leaked yesterday, and I couldn't care less.  For a couple reasons:

1.  I've released records that didn't leak.  That means that people don't care and the record won't sell.

2.  Album leaks are like when an oil company is drilling for  oil.  When they strike oil, the pressure drives the oil into the air in the form of a "gusher" and the company loses all the oil between that point and the point at which they cap the well.  You don't get bummed out about the gusher because it means you struck oil.  Same principle with the album leak: it means people care and are excited to hear the record

3.  The growth of streaming royalties captures songs that begin as leaks- if ppl start listening of spotify or pandora or whatever- that generates revenue.  Not as much as Itunes but still.   For streaming royalties the size of the Audience matters- how they acquired the music initially or whether they bought the music retail is irrelevant.  Someone steals Drifters, loves it, goes on Pandora and starts a Dirty Beaches radio station, we get money for that a year later.  Same thing with Spotify.  It adds up.


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