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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Event Preview: Kurt Vile Tomorrow Night @ The Casbah in San Diego

Kurt Vile

  Hey guess Kurt Vile is playing the Casbah tomorrow night and you can still get tickets (maybe because the Casbah is charging 20 USD per ticket?) (BUY TICKETS)

    It makes sense now that the Best New Music edict has been issued, but not when the prices were set.  Still, sitting pretty at five million last fm plays and with the BNM in hand this is an impossible show to skip.

  If you haven't given the new record a spin, you may want to check that out.  It is chock full of hits.  These are songs that people will be listening to for thirty years.  Just classic and "out of time." Such an important quality: timelessness, I think we would all agree, after all, today a la mode is just a scoop of ice cream on your apple pie.

  See you there!

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