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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dirty Beaches & TONSTARTSSBANDHT Russia Tour Starts TOMORROW!!!


17.4 St. Petersburg, Russia - Zoccolo ^
18.4 St. Petersburg, Russia - Griboedov Club *
20.4 Moscow, Russia - Club Artplay *
21.4 Kursk, Russia - Antimusic Club *
24.4 Volgograd, Russia - Marksbar *
25.4 Rostov-on-Don, Russia - Tochka *
27.4 Kiev, Ukraine - Xlib Club *

^ Femminielli, Andy Boay + Eola sets only

 Alex Dirty Beaches self booked this tour, and it just shows you where he's at- he could have done anything and this is what he WANTS to do- a DIY tour of Russia and Ukraine.  How fucking cool is that?  How many indie bands fucking wish they could pull off and can't because they are essentially, pussy ass bitches. Oh what all of them?  I've only seen a couple other indie bands make it to Russia- Prince Rama is one- and I pay attention to that information.

 The FB event pages in St Petersburg, Moscow and Rostov on Don all have one hundred plus RSVP's or organic invitations.  Moscow has 1200. (900 are invitations)  This was all accomplished on the web with zero "major label" level support let alone the involvement of an international booking agency.  DIY style.  An advertising "budget" of under one hundred dollars.  So you tell me why Dirty Beaches needs a big indie backing him up?  When he can do this with zero help from anyone. Hmm.

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