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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Show Review: R. Stevie Moore//Lake\\Plateaus @ The Void

R. Stevie Moore

  R. Stevie Moore is an indie/diy legend who does not tour a whole bunch.  Last night was a pretty special occasion.  If you were one of the morons who went to the Starfucker show at the Casbah (which was sold out) I truly am sorry for you. I mean there were plenty of people at The Void last night for R. Stevie- I would call it packed- so this isn't like a sad FB "you guys didn't come" kind of observation it's just a factual statement that being a fan of Starfucker is embarrassing.

 Also, I'm not saying that I'm some huge super fan of R. Stevie Moore, I'm just saying that the choice between the two entertainment opportunities is so tilted in favor of going to R. Stevie Moore that making the other choice means that you are stupid.

 Plateaus were great- really tight- crowd loved it- they need to keep touring- perhaps touring California with Slipping Into Darkness would be a solid idea.  IN fact- it would be solid.  That should happen this Spring.

  Lake was a really cool K Records band that sounded like a K Records band- a mix of dulcet indie pop (which K Records pretty much invented) and jazzy indie pop (a la Sea & Cake.)  They were pretty well ignored by the crowd- which is most regrettable but somewhat predictable considering they were bookended by two raucous garage rock acts.

  R. Stevie Moore certainly delivered the goods- like a Sea Punk Santa Claus (i.e. a guy who looks like Santa Claus with his hair dyed blue) he veered between racuous garage rock, mellow slow songs, rambling spoken word read from a notebook and a solo "intermission" set that ran between the first set and the encore, which was also lengthy and included a cover of "Wild Thing."  R. Stevie seemed to be enjoying himself greatly and having a good time- the crowd certainly loved him, though attentions began to wander during the solo intermission.

  Really fun night, with really good music- and I basically wanted to write this review in case there are any Starfucker fans out there- seriously- that band is stupid.  Yes, hugely popular (6 million last fm plays!) but stupid- because... the name.  Starfucker?!?  You might as well be a Screamo band with that name.

  Thursday night is Wax Idols and Cathedral X you should def. check that out. (FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE)

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