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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Show Review: Heavy Hawaii Breaks Out

Heavy Hawaii feat. The Sure Things.  Brilliant move, Matt Bahamas.

    Last night was a break-out performance for Heavy Hawaii, and it couldn't come at a better time, what with the Goosebumps LP on Art Fag Recordings coming out either today or in a couple weeks depending on who you ask.

   Heavy Hawaii had what can only, in retrospect, be called a brilliant idea to add four female back-up singers and man- it works!  They also played with a discipline and focus that has come to characterize their recent shows, but the additional element of back-up singers gives the live show a carnival-esque atmosphere that is most suited to the sound.

   The crowd was huge for a Monday night Casbah show, and it was a Heavy Hawaii crowd.  But that live show is something that is going to get people talking.  I mean, I'm talking about it.  Everyone I spoke to at the show who saw it was like, "Wow what an amazing performance!" -i.e. blown away.  It was deeply satisfying from the perspective who has put their time and energy behind promoting Heavy Hawaii as a viable National/International touring band, and last night I saw it live, then walked to my car and put in their debut LP, which is also awesome: powerful and compelling music.

  This live show/LP release combination is surely the most exciting thing to happen in local music since the great lo-fi break-out of 2008-2009, when  Crocodiles, Wavves & Dum Dum Girls emerged almost simultaneously and caught national attention. Obviously, Heavy Hawaii has been around for longer then those bands were before they broke out, but honestly, who gives a shit? You think 20 years from now people will be like, "Oh- no-no- Wavves came out in 2008 with Crocodiles, and Dum Dum Girls was 2009 and then Heavy Hawaii, well they only had an EP out until 2013."  No. People don't give a shit.  They discover music when they discover it, and in that regard the internet makes music "timeless."

 Which is awesome, because Heavy Hawaii has perfected a sound that exists outside of time, a sound that transcends genre and limitations while still providing the musical elements that a large Audience wants to hear.

 And sure, a nine piece live band is the most stable touring line up but who gives a shit.  I'm sure they can get it to LA and if people like it enough, that should be enough- especially with the record out.  Heavy Hawaii is a band poised to capture a large Audience- all the pieces are in place, and the live show is in hand.

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