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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Dirty Beaches Passes One Million Last Fm Plays


   The way I look at it, when an individual artist/band goes over a million plays on last fm it means that someone can earn a living- whether that someone is the Artist, a major label or a combination of the Artist and their manager, that is going to vary- but someone is going to be earning enough money to survive to make another record.

       If a band gets to that one million play threshold there should be enough income to support one or two primary song writers to the tune of about 20-30k a year.  From there, the idea should be to make to 50k then 100k as additional records are issued are additional tours are planned on a year to year basis.

  If a specific Act reaches that one million play level and can't support themselves there is a flaw somewhere: Either record labels that are overspending to get the Artist to the one million level, a touring show that doesn't live up to the recorded output or some kind of work ethic issues- something.

  Last FM doesn't capture every play of course, the Last Fm artist play count is a small fraction of the total plays- but it's probably close to being the same percentage of total plays for every Artist, which it makes the best proxy in the world for measuring total Audience for pop music act.

    But for me anyway the one million last fm plays is a huge, huge threshold.  Whoever the Artist maybe and whatever kind of music is being offered, you simply can't deny the existence of an Audience for a new record and/or tour on one or more continents.

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