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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Big Peter Hoslin Nails Heavy Hawaii Goosebumps LP in San Diego City Beat Album Review

  I don't know if you've heard but big Peter Hoslin NAILED his Heavy Hawaii Goosebumps LP- out 4/2 on San Diego's own Art Fag Recordings.  Good music exists outside of time and fashion.  Goosebumps is a record like that.  I've listened to it a dozen times in the last month which is the first time I've listened to any record over 10 times since I got the completed Dirty Beaches Drifters/Love Is The Devil LP- which is an album of the year contender- FYI.  Fuck it- so is Heavy Hawaii Goosebumps LP.  Goosebumps isn't record that people will be embarrassed about liking six months ago.

     The appeal of Goosebumps is not predicated on some alchemy that a normal person can't grasp.  Heavy Hawaii wrote songs that are good and then did a great job recording those songs in a way that is appealing but not mundane.   Well- I don''t want to tip my hand about my own review but I'm digging deep into my library of aesthetic theory and I'm going to drop a monster jam... After the release date of course.

    Heavy Hawaii Goosebumps LP is nothing- NOTHING- bet legit hits from front to back.  And TIMELESS.  That means something that exists outside of the now.  That is great art my friends- just ask John Dewey- Art as Experience.

  Owl & Bear- Soundiego- Sd Dialed IN- you best represent on this album.  Heavy Hawaii is that rare local band that is ready to elevate to a national level... and now.


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